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2022-09-27 15:13

With the steady increase of installed capacity and retention of power batteries, the recycling of retired power batteries has become the focus of the industry and the government. Seen from the current recycling technology, there are mainly fire recycling, wet recycling and other processes. Based on independent technology and in-depth research on lithium batteries, Saidemei Resources has proposed a physical recycling process.
Zhao Xiaoyong said that the pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical processes have become mature and have been recognized by the industry. However, before 2021, the prices of lithium iron phosphate battery and lithium carbonate are relatively low, and there is no way to achieve economic recovery of both; In addition, due to its environmental protection and cost advantages, the bio metallurgical process has been introduced into China in recent years. However, due to the factors such as the recovery rate, efficiency and consistency of finished products, there is no way to industrialize, and there are still some difficulties in its implementation.
From 2015 to 2017, Saidemei formally proposed the physical recovery process, which solved the economic and environmental problems of lithium iron phosphate recovery. In recent years, the proportion of this recovery process has increased year by year. At present, in the field of power battery recovery in China, wet and physical methods are complementary.
According to Zhao Xiaoyong, the physical process is keen on the recovery of all components, the environmental protection investment is relatively low, the process production line does not have the risk of secondary pollution, there is no waste water and slag discharge, and it can be directly landed in the general industrial parks of the first and second tier cities. The process flow is relatively short, the production cost, fixed asset investment, and depreciation cost are relatively low, and it is economical when the lithium carbonate price is low, It is a preferred item for recovering lithium iron phosphate and lithium carbonate.

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